Over the past few years, Bryan Rogers has developed what he likes to call The PlanFirst Design process. Planfirst Design is composed of five essential elements – Planning, Design, Development, Implementation, and Promotion.


There is an old phrase in carpentry "Measure twice; cut once." At WebPlanning, we have a similar approach to web design. We treat planning like a good carpenter treats measurement. We believe that a solid foundation is the key for building a great website, and that planning is the key to a solid foundation.

How Do We Get Started?

  • Questions, questions, and more questions
  • Research and requirements gathering
  • Wireframes and storyboarding


The design phase of a website consists of establishing the the website's information architecture. Information Architecture is the process of organizing the website's content, designing the navigation system, and designing the page layout.

What Design Practices Do We Follow?

  • User-experience design
  • Graphic design optimized for the web
  • Web 2.0 standards


The development phase of the website design process refers to the process of actually writing the source code that will render the website on the world wide web. At WebPlanning, we are experienced in the use of several web-based programming languages including HTML, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), JavaScript, and PHP. The programming language or languages used are directly related to the needs and the requirements for the website and are selected on that basis.

What Happens During Development?

  • A test website is established for ongoing review.
  • Daily web status updates sent by email.


Implementation is the act of making your website live on the internet. We will carefully backup your existing website and move the new website to your web-host.

How Do We Approach Implementation?

  • Protect your website by practicing version control.
  • Test & document the functionality of the website in a staging environment.
  • Place your website code on the internet.
  • Test & compare the results with the testing results from the staging environment.


Promotion is by far one of the most important aspects of the web design process. If potential customers can not find your website by conducting searches in one of the many search engines, how will anyone ever find and visit your site? At WebPlanning, we will assist you in creating Targeted Content to insure visitors view content that delivers your marketing message and that search engines like Google and Yahoo will find and correctly display your website.

If you need help with your website or just help understanding your website, WebPlanning can help.

Past Work

The Receivership Network
Paper Carnival
Inwood Soccer Center
Pentecost Investigation & Protection Services